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GETPAY LLC is the global solution for trusted mobile communications, providing private, real-time messaging, secure voice and conference calling. Cryptographic Protection with Certified CNSA encryption for Cryptographic-Safe, secure phone calls, video calls, conference calls, messages, and file transfers.

GETPAY LLC is the global solution for trusted mobile communications

  • The Anonymous And Encrypted SIM Card You Can Trust
  • Security Hardened, Encrypted Smart Phones for Privacy
  • Secure Enterprise Communication Solutions
  • Secure Enterprise Communication Solutions


GETPAY LLC SIM card provides a secure internet connection no matter where you are. GETPAY LLC SIM cards can be used in any device multi-IMSI technology allows the profiles of multiple MNOs to be stored on a single SIM. Offering the ultimate solution for data security, the GETPAY LLC secure SIM card prevents access to and the triangulation of your mobile data when using your device. The anonymous and encrypted Digital ESIM card you can pay for and top-up using Bitcoin plus many other cryptocurrencies. The Encrypted SIM is the first international SIM card that connects you anywhere and offers you the security and privacy you are looking for.

In case of emergency, without connecting to the Internet.

Already today it is
a telecom platform for telecom operators

The current innovative Multi-IMSI technology with a single SIM card already provides seamless connectivity and affordable, flexible data rates for tens of thousands of subscribers via MVNO and mobile operators. Multi-IMSI connectivity is important for cellular IoT because it allows devices to connect through different networks and carriers — whichever are strongest in their current location. A human operator can choose the network, or the device can be programmed with automated logic to initiate the best available connection.

Components include high-performance data gateways, routers, and servers, as well as advanced media gateways and controllers.
The network covers more than 190 countries and more than 65 mobile operator partnerships, making it one of the most reliable and dynamic in the world.

Industry standards Industry standards in application security levels for various purposes.

Compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS and many other standards.
Purpose: secure corporate communications, intellectual property, privacy, storage and movement of digital and financial assets.
    • Secure Encrypted Private Messaging

      Cryptographic-safe private messaging is a crucial consideration for businesses and individuals seeking to protect their sensitive communication from unauthorized access. By utilizing end-to-end encryption techniques, messages can be securely transmitted and stored, ensuring that only the intended recipients have access to the content.

    • Identities

      Integration with existing identity providers for. Development. Platform APIs and SDKs that provide integration for multiple platforms and IoT and libraries for integrating smart device software with the platform. Customization of the cloud platform to the partner infrastructure.

    • Complex Encryption

      Our approach is a complex encryption that plays a vital role in safeguarding sensitive data and communications from unauthorized access. We use multi-layered cryptographic protocols, and key management techniques, complex encryption with so-called post-quantum cryptographic support.

    • Encrypted Voice & Video Calls

      Encryption is the process of encoding all user data on an Android device using encryption keys. Encrypted Phones by GETPAY LLC the next - generation devices that combines the usability of the smartphone and the security of a crypto hardware wallet, equipped with particular encryption systems that make them potentially inviolable and above all interception-proof.

The market of devices with blockchain technology

In the coming years, the market for blockchain devices will see its CAGR increase by 42.5% and reach $ 1,285 million in 2024. For comparison, the market volume in 2019 was $ 300 million. Blockchain-based devices that use wireless communication to transmit data — for example, smartphones with blockchain, hardware wallets with cryptocurrency, and retail outlets-are expected to see the greatest growth in them. However, they will be accompanied by blockchain gateways and pre-configured devices adopted in the banking, government, automotive, telecommunications and other industries.
GetPay solutions are easy-to-use client-side solutions that provide developers with full security functionality to implement and manage secure communications in accordance with the architecture and operations of a system based on the IEEE 1609 family of standards.

Growth of the blockchain device market

The blockchain device market is experiencing significant growth as blockchain technology is being applied in various fields. Blockchain-enabled devices offer secure, decentralized and tamper-proof data storage and transfer capabilities, as well as the security of cryptocurrency wallets. Not long ago, North America led the global market as the region was one of the first to adopt blockchain technology devices. However, blockchain device providers are now based in other countries, which is fueling the growth of the blockchain device market.


  • Multi-factor crypto authentication based on GSM technology

Cryptographic protection for mobile devices

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