GETPAY LLC are the global CPaaS, eSIM and MVNO experts

GETPAY LLC is the global solution for trusted mobile communications, providing private, real-time.
Secure messaging, encrypted voice and video calls, conference calling, secure file transfers, all protected by strong, authenticated, end-to-end encryption.
GETPAY LLC protects your voice calls, messages, chats, sensitive documents, photos or any files against eavesdropping and interception.
Secure Phone By GETPAY LLC Technologies Is The Best Secure Mobile Phone For Organizations and personal With The Most Trusted Hardware And Software.
Our products respect people's privacy, freedom, and security
GETPAY LLC is a one of the world leaders in secure communications, offering enterprise communications solutions to businesses, NGOs, and governments worldwide.
When privacy is of the utmost importance contact GETPAY LLC™. We can help you call anyone, anywhere with confidence in your own privacy being safe with our encryption software.

Our company sells Security Hardened, Encrypted Smart Phones for Privacy.

Our Google Pixel phones runs on software developed by our company whith our SIM cards work with virtual numbers in any country in the world. All Google services have been removed, it is possible to quickly change imei, imsi, it is possible to destroy all data on the phone by entering a PIN code.
In addition, we offer enterprise solutions that help you create your own corporate network.
The number of virtual numbers for one SIM card is not limited and they can be changed at any time.
We have our own control panel. At the moment we only provide it to corporate clients.
For corporate clients there is an OTA platform, which is built into the admin panel and allows you to install an individual set of applets from the list of available ones for each SIM card.

- changing SIM card authentication information (imsi, msisdn) for a specific profile;
- remote SIM card reboot;
- change SPN;
- IMEI locker that tracks your SIM card and blocks it when changing devices;
- an applet for resetting SIM, which can be activated remotely, or by entering a special USSD command on the device;
- sending USSD to SIM card.

In admin panel you can download applications and link virtual numbers. Initially, the numbers are not linked to our SIM cards and all the calls you make are from random numbers and incoming calls to these numbers are not available. But if you link one of our virtual numbers to your SIM card, you will be able to receive calls to that number. In this case, the SIM card is connected to the nearest GSM base station, after which the traffic goes to our servers and you communicate via VOIP.
Corporate clients can limit traffic by region or country for each SIM card separately and can block any direction for all SIM cards in their admin panel.
It is possible to block a specific prefix for calls.

It is possible to connect tariffs that a corporate client can independently create for their SIM cards:

Postpaid - with a fixed fee for the service;

Prepaid - with a limited period and quota volume;

Dynamic postpaid - with a dynamic price that depends on the location of the SIM card, Renewal prepaid - with a limited quota , but the quota is updated at a certain period if there are enough funds on the SIM card.

SMS messages don’t work on our phones for security reasons. It is possible to receive secure messages via email and ussd command.

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